#OneNewThing to Jump-Start Your School Year!

It certainly is not an uncommon feeling--arriving home on a Sunday evening after an eventful weekend at a conference or professional development session, and with your mind still racing you start to think about all of the amazing ideas you experienced and how excited you are to flip your classroom overnight.

By the time you research four more of your favorite topics online, you realize your Monday morning alarm is right around the corner, and you haven’t quite figured out how to make those four favorite topics really jive in your classroom yet.  The next thing you know, those four activities (and the laundry list of other brilliant ideas) have slowly made its way to the back burner after Monday meetings, got wedged under some papers during the Hump Day push, and eventually was lost to the abyss over the weekend, only to be found in a pinch at the start of another busy week. That brand new classroom will now have to wait until the next long weekend, school break, or summer vacation.  B…